Recruitment Information

Welcome to our recruitment page! We're glad you're interested in joining Sigma Alpha Iota! Our membership process contains two parts and takes place over the span of a school year. During Fall semester, we host various recruitment activities and mixers open to anyone interested in SAI at the University of Georgia. Sisters of SAI are present at these mixers to provide information about SAI and to become acquainted with prospective members. Spring semester is considered a Member in Training period. During this time, Members in Training learn about SAI from a national and Iota Zeta perspective before they become fully initiated sisters. We happily invite anyone interested in SAI at the University of Georgia to attend our recruitment events this Fall!

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Contact our Vice President of Membership, Abby Fitts with any recruitment questions

This year we are introducing a #hashtag for each mixer to get people more involved in the recruitment process. We encourage you to take lots of pictures and post them to your social media accounts with the mixer's hashtag. We’d also like you to use the hashtag #SAIrecruitment16 throughout the semester to link all of our pictures together. Hope you join in!

Formal Tea 2015

How to Join SAI:

In order to be eligible to join Sigma Alpha Iota, one must fulfill the following requirements in the Fall semester to become a Member In Training in the Spring:

  1. Be at least a freshman and have completed at least one semester at the University of Georgia.
  2. Have a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.5.
  3. Have completed or be in the process of taking a music class.
  4. Attend at least 4 Recruitment Mixers.
  5. Hang out with your Leading Tone twice.
  6. Make a poster about yourself and share it with at least 30 sisters.

Once the Member in Training time period in the Spring semester has been completed, only then can an individual be inducted into the Iota Zeta sisterhood of SAI.

Tri-Fraternal Tailgate

Prospective Posters

Tri-Fraternal Tailgate

Washington Farms Mixer 2015

Tri-Fraternal Tailgate

Big Little Retreat Spring 2016

Fall 2016 Mixers

Tri-Fraternal Tailgate

August 9th • Redcoat Field • 4-6 PM

Keba Mixer

August 12th • Keba • 7:30-9 PM

Field Day Mixer

August 20th • Location TBD • 2 PM

Speed Date a Sister

August 24th • Choral Suite • 7 PM

Kick Ball Mixer

September 7th • Location TBD • 7 PM

Photo Challenge Mixer

September 18th • North Campus • 3 PM

Music Therapy

September 28th • Choral Suite • 7 PM

Washington Farms Mixer

October 7th • SOM Lobby • 5 PM

Founder's Garden

October 9th • Founder's Garden • 2 PM

Movie Night Mixer

November 2nd • Abby's House • 7 PM

Service Mixer

November 30th • Choral Suite • 6 PM

Spaghetti Dinner

December 4th • Orchestra Room • 6 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Sigma Alpha Iota?
  2. Sigma Alpha Iota is an international music fraternity. SAI is specifically designed as an organization that brings music loving women together through sisterhood, exhibition of musical skills, and acts of charitable community service.

  3. Why is SAI a "fraternity" if its members are all women?
  4. SAI was first established in 1903 as a sorority at the University School of Music in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In 1926, the SAI constitution was amended to designate it formally as a fraternity. The word "fraternity" stems from the Latin term "fraternitas" meaning "brotherhood" and can apply to both men's and women's organizations. Today, all Greek music organizations are termed fraternities, regardless of the gender of their members.

  5. Do I have to be a music major to join SAI?
  6. No, you do not have to be majoring in music to join SAI. Iota Zeta's members major in a variety of fields including: International Affairs, Avian Biology, Biological Sciences, Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Business Management, Marketing, History, and Theater. A member can major or minor in any of the programs offered at the University of Georgia, including emphasis in pre-professional programs.

  7. If I transfer to a different college of university after I complete my membership with Iota Zeta, am I still a member of SAI?
  8. Yes. As a member of SAI, if you transfer to a different school with an active SAI chapter, you will become a member of that school's chapter. Because SAI is an international music fraternity, you are a member regardless of where you are. Iota Zeta welcomes any SAI sisters who have transferred to UGA from a different school to become active in SAI at UGA.

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